How Can We Stop Ozone Depletion?


We can stop ozone depletion if we quit using chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons which quickly destroy ozone in the atmosphere. Even if we quit using chlorofluorocarbons immediately, the problem will still linger. You can find more information here:
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Yes! Since the early 1980's an ozone "hole" has formed over Antarctica every September and October. Rather than being a literal hole through the layer, the ozone hole is
ozone depletion can ce prevented by reducing the usage of carbon monoxide, chloroflourocarbon(cfc) we also can do reforestation. we must do car-pulling. and also recycle.
how can we prevent ozone depletion: Since the banning of CFC in industry, ozone depletion has mostly
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Ozone is both beneficial and harmful to us. Near the ground, ozone forming as a result of chemical reactions involving traffic pollution and sunlight may cause a number of respiratory problems, particularly for young children. However, high up... More »
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Humans can do a variety of different things in order to reduce ozone depletion. For example, they could stop pumping out the gases that are destroying the ozone ...
Exhausts from motor vehicles, aka cars, trucks and cross country hauling 18 wheelers type of trucks contribute to the harmful ozone depletion. If we buy our produce ...
The term ozone depletion is used to describe the steady corrosion and depletion of the ozone layer which is thought to have begun in the 1970s. This phenomenon ...
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