How Can We Stop Pollution?


We could stop pollution by not driving our cars so much and taking a bike instead. We could also stop pollution if the factories could figure out a way to stop letting all that waste go up into the air and filling the landfills.
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Stopping water pollution is a major undertaking. One step at a time is a good way to begin, and starting at home is perfect. Be sure nothing poisonous is being washed from your property
1. Remove any underground fuel storage tanks. Underground tanks that hold heating oil can corrode, leak and contaminate soil. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners
Because if we recycle materials such as paper, then there is less of a manufacturing cost and we stop cutting down trees, which breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen.
If your dog is barking at noises or people, be sure to correct him while he is doing it. Offer him a toy or something to distract him. If that doesn't work, try keeping him on a leash
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How to Help Stop Pollution
The environment is our responsibility. Although it takes very little time or effort to make a real difference in the world around us, many people don’t know how to start cutting down on the pollution that clogs our rivers and streams and causes the... More »
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There are a good many things we can do to stop water pollution. Don't pollute the streams and rivers with waste. Use only 'natural' products when doing lawn ...
A way that you can stop pollution is to get your car smogged. This will check the emissions coming out of your car. It will help the air quality. ...
To stop water pollution people will have to stop pouring toxins or whatever else they are throwing in the water. You need to put your cooking oils in plastic ...
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