How Can You Cause a Self Abortion?


If you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy please visit a doctor and discuss the options with him. A self-induced abortion is not safe and can cause serious complications.
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This is very dangerous to do yourself because it will result in rendering you unable to have kids. It will also cause infections and complications. If you don't want to have the baby
A self abortion without the supervision of a doctor is very dangerous. You could die or have serious complications.
Emotional, mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse all impact the way a woman views herself. The nefarious aspect of abuse is that it harms a woman's image of herself even if it
I think the most common reason is the punishment. They want to punish themselves for something they feel guilty/ashamed about - the general thought of self-destructive people is that
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You should never attempt to perform an abortion on yourself. This can lead to serious risks and complications. There are medical professionals that are trained ...
An abortion should always be performed under the care of a medical professional. This can be done medically by taking a pill called RU-486 or surgically by dilating ...
RU 486 is the generic name of the drug Mifepristone and causes the body to self-abort a fetus. The drug can be purchased through a clinic or certain doctor's offices ...
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