How Can You Dissolve Salt More Quickly in Water?


You can dissolve salt more quickly in water by warming the water or using warm water to dissolve the salt as it dissolve more readily in the warm water.
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Water dissolves salt because it breaks the bond that hold the chloride and sodium together. If the water is hot, it will break this bond and dissolve the salt even faster.
salt does not disolve quickly in water because all the little grains are so small the have more suface area than air bubbles therefore the water takes longer to get into the grains
A salt is called an ionic solid as outlined by the chemistry department at Purdue University in their explanation of solubility. Energy is needed in order to break the strong polar
1. Get a container to put water in. 2. Put water in container. 3. Get salt. 4. Put salt in water. 5. Mix.
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There are several things that dissolve in water, some of them are sugar, salt and even large particles of soil. When something like salt or sugar dissolves in ...
No, salt dissolving in water is a physical change. The salt dissolves in the water, but if the water was heated enough to evaporate, all that would remain would ...
The factors involved in dissolving salt are: the temperature of the water, the polarity of the water or solute and the molecular size of the salt molecules. The ...
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