How Can You Erase Crayon from Paper?


Crayons are colored pieces of wax used to color on paper. You can erase crayon from paper by using a kneaded eraser. You should first remove most of the crayon by folding the paper and using an iron on it.
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scratch it. this wont fully remove the color though. it will only take away some of the color. hope this helped !
While Crayola does not produce a crayon eraser, you may wish to try using a
1. Heat the crayon mark with a blow dryer to melt the wax. 2. Dip a cloth in dishwashing liquid and rub the area using circular motion. 3. Remove excess soap from the wall with a
1. Apply nail polish remover to the inky area. Using the same basic technique, apply a small dab of acetone to the ink and blot it dry with a small piece of tissue or cotton to dab
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