How Can You Flatten a Tire?


It is very easy to flatten a tire. You can take a sharp object and puncture the tire. This will let all the air out of the tire. Or if you want to just let a lot of air out of the tire without damaging it you find the portion of the tire that you can use to fill it up and press the top down to let the air out.
Q&A Related to "How Can You Flatten a Tire?"
Click the left side of the truck, then click and hold the valve stem.
Semi tires rarely flatten unless they are extremely worn. A sharp piece of metal might do the job.
Use tool called a valve core removal tool which is found at any auto parts store, simply
well, depends on if your going to damage it or not, if not, get whats called a "tire valve removal tool" they sell them at your local walmart in the auto section, it will
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