How Can You Freeze Fresh Peas without Blanching?


To freeze fresh peas without blanching them, you will need to shell the peas first. Next is to rinse them in a colander under water and arrange the dry ones on a baking sheet. Not one pea should touch another. Place the backing sheet then in the freezer and leave it there.
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How to Freeze Fresh Peas Without Blanching
The best way to preserve fresh peas is by blanching and freezing them. Blanching -- immersing the peas in boiling water for two minutes, then cooling them immediately in ice water -- removes dirt and bacteria and preserves the peas' flavor and nutrition.... More »
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You can freeze fresh peas without blanching by using zip lock freezer bags, water, and fresh peas. Prior to putting the peas in the zip lock bag, you will need to be sure to wash the fresh peas off. Next, place the fresh peas in the zip lock bag, and fill the bag just enough to cover the fresh peas. While zipping the bag shut be sure to get out as much air as possible from the bag. Once you have done this you can lay the bag flat inside the freezer. When you are ready to thaw the bag of fresh peas you will need to allow them to thaw out in a refrigerator before cooking.
To freeze fresh peas without blanching you first need to shell them. After shelling the peas, rinse them well in cold water and drain the water off. Place about 2 cups of the peas in each freezer bag and you are done.
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