How Can You Keep Ice Frozen without a Freezer?


You can keep ice frozen without a freezer by keeping it in a metal container. The metal will help retain the coldness and keep out hot air.
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The challenge in keeping ice frozen without a freezer is that if ice is exposed to temperatures above 32 degrees farenheit it will begin to melt. There are coolers that are constructed so that you can keep items refrigerated for up to 7 days. These are popular in Florida for hurricane season when electricity is lost due to a storm. The best option is to use one of these coolers along with dry ice surrounding your ice and your ice should not melt. I say should not because the system works as long as you are not continually opening the lid of the cooler. If you are going to open the cooler you are raising the temperature inside the cooler and your dry ice will be the first to melt. As you dry ice melts you will eventually see your regular ice melt.
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