How can you prove something is alive?


Look for vital signs. Basically, something that is alive breathes. It has a pulse (or pulses) and the heart beats. Modern machines detect if a person is dead or alive. Another, if it moves by itself and not battery powered nor affected by other forces like wind) then it is alive.
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Generally anything that can eat food, breath in air, sleep they day away, and reproduce would be considered to be living and very much alive.
Check if it's breathing duhh!
Proofs are based on a formal set of assumptions and rules for what you can do with those assumptions. For example, if you have the 3 rules: a < b b < c For all numbers
You can say something like this;
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Speculation. Perhaps theory. ...
Something is alive when it is breathing, and when it's heart is beating. When something is alive, it's blood pumps, and flows through it's body. When something ...
For something to be alive, it has to have all seven of the characteristics of life. The characteristics are having cells, having cellular organization, using energy ...
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