How Can You Reduce Noise Pollution?


To reduce noise pollution you should stay away from sources of noise, such as industrial areas, you can wear earplugs when you are in a place that plays very loud music, avoid hooting, turn off the engines of your car if you are not using it. You can also reduce noise pollution by installing dual-paned windows or weather stripping if you live in a noisy city.
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Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is not only extremely annoying to many people, but it can also act as a harmful force doing damage. While many people imagine jet engines and factories full of heavy machinery when they imagine noise pollution, a loud home stereo or... More »
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There are many different things that can be done to reduce noise pollution. The biggest is probably the construction of sound proof rooms for noisy machines used ...
We can control noise pollution by reducing the amount of cars that are near residential areas. Another way is to use design to absorb sound. Loud noises should ...
Noise pollution is excessive, unwanted and disturbing sound that disrupts normal activities, such as conversation and sleep. It diminishes a person’s ...
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