How Can You Remove Bleached Hair?


Buy a toner at your local supermarket or hair care store. Mix the toner following the manufactures directions then apply the toner to your hair. Your hair should be dry while you apply the toner then wash the toner out in the shower at the recommend time.
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1. Talk to a salon stylist. Determine where the damage begins, how severe the damage is, and how much hair is salvageable. This will determine what must be cut off and what can remain
1. Buy cheap shampoo that is not ‘color safe’. You should buy a clarifying shampoo that is specifically not safe to use on dyed hair. This shampoo will help to strip your
How to remove gum from hair is a good skill to have. Acting quickly improves the chances of getting almost all of the gum out of your hair (or someone else's) so cutting isn't necessary
Decide what parts of your hair you would like to lighten or bleach blonde. Take a couple of lemons and squeeze the juice out in to a bowl or a bottle of lemon juice. Start applying
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It is not recommended that you use Clorox Bleach to bleach your hair. This can cause scalp burn and many problems with your hair. Hair bleaching should only be ...
Unfortunately, once bleach has removed the color from a garment there is no way to restore it. You can bleach the rest of the garment, make a tie-dye garment or ...
To bleach stomach hair, you can use almost any creme bleach that is designed for facial hair. This will help you to avoid bleaches that are stronger and could ...
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