How can you sedate a cat at home?


According to the Cat Hospital of Portland, cats can be sedated at home with prescription medications like Acepromazine, or homeopathic solutions like aromatherapy. It is important to consult a veterinarian before using any method to sedate a cat.

Like people and other animals, cats experience times of stress and might benefit from a sedative. Veterinarians often prescribe Acepromazine or Alprazolam for owners with skittish cats. The drugs are typically for short-term use, such as for the duration of a trip in a cat carrier.

There are a number of non-prescription homeopathic solutions that can help owners calm their cat with anxiety or for grooming:

  • Pheromones: simulate scent marking and cause the cat to think the location of the product is safe
  • Flower essence: like pheromones, relaxes the cat by simulating scent marking
  • Aromatherapy: rose, citrus and other oils act like a relaxant; jasmine, chamomile and other scents act like a sedative
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