How Can You Tell a Male Dove from a Female Dove?


Male doves are lighter than female doves in color. Telling a male dove from a female dove can be fairly tricky. A male is typically more white, or gray, while a female is more tan, or gray.
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1. Observe the size of the doves. Typically, a male dove is larger than a female. The International Dove Society says female doves typically weigh about 160 g, or about 5 oz. while
The only way to tell the difference between male and female doves is by measuring the width of the pelvic bones. Females doves' pelvic bones are situated wider apart than males. This
Sounds like some kind of collared dove; they're found throughout Eurasia and exist in feral populations in other parts of the world. Both males and females have the ring; males do
There is no physical difference between male and
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