How Can You Tell If a Cameo Is Real?


One of the ways to tell if a cameo is real is that it has a matte look to it. Most that are made out of plastic have a shiny or glossy appearance. Another way to determine is to look for a carving mark with the help of a magnifying glass.
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In order for you to be able to tell if a cameo is real, you will need familiarize yourself with the authentic, real cameos as much as possible. You can find more info at:
You can tell if a cameo is real by the way that it feels and it's shape. The oval shape should be perfectly oval. The relief should feel smooth with no jagged edges and it will only be made out of stone or shell.
It is very hard to tell if a cameo is the real thing unless you are a professional. There were a lot of cameos made from plastic. A real cameo is hand carved on shell. Look at the age of the pin if it is on one. If there is no back on it and it is open it could be authentic. It should be cool to the touch as plastic is warm.
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The primary shape of a well carved cameo is a perfect oval. This is a dead give-away if the shape is not perfect. Also, the carving is smooth finished. You can find more information
1. Examine the setting. This is perhaps the easiest way of dating a cameo. A good example should be set in gold. On brooches, look at the pin. If it has a safety catch, then it is
There are waaaaaaay too many variables to make a guess. It might be possible to approximate its value by finding a similar pendant on eBay. The best bet is to get a professional appraisal
You can tell where a fake has been glued together, a real one
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To know your cameo is real is pretty simple. Hold your cameo up to the light, can you see through it? If you can, then your cameo should be real. ...
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