How to Tell If a Diamond Is Real?


One of the easiest ways to tell if a diamond is real is to breathe on it. Diamonds are made up of compacted carbon molecules and is not prone to fogging like glass or synthetic diamonds so if it gets damp and foggy its not a real diamond. Also scratching glass is another test that should tell you whether it is real or not.
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1. Check for transparency. Slide a newspaper or other document with fine print under the diamond. Flip the diamond over and attempt to read the text through the diamond. If you can
1. Use the fog test. Put the stone in front of your mouth and fog it like you would a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple seconds, it’s probably a fake — a real diamond
Supposedly the only way to distinguish the best manufactured white diamond from a real diamond is the fake diamonds are flawless, and no real diamond can be truly flawless. I always
Want to know how to determine a real diamond? The process encompasses a range of tests, from the simple and fairly conclusive to certification by an expert. Depending on your need
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If you breathe on the stone and it gets damp and foggy, then chances are it's not really a diamond at all. Looking closely at the specks, ridges, and facets can also give you a clue into the identity of your gem. Diamonds do have inclusions, tiny bits of other minerals that got crushed into the diamond while it formed deep under the earth.
Make sure it's from an impartial diamond grading authority or an independent appraiser who is affiliated with a professional organization. Diamonds have a high 'refractive index'. A real diamond's reflections usually manifest in various shades of gray. These are readily available and can quickly indicate if it is a true diamond or stimulant. Cubic zirconia weighs approximately 55% more than diamonds for the same shape and size.
Some fake diamonds can be very realistic, especially cubic zirconia. If there is any kind of scratches or scuffs on the outside of the diamond, it's more than likely a fake. You can find more info at:
The best way to tell if the diamond is real is to see if they can cut glass. Now you don't want to go around cutting your mirrors up you can also take it to an appraiser.
If the diamond is not set and you place it on top of a newspaper you will not be able to read the type through the diamond. The best way for sure is to take it to a jeweler. If they use a small machine that tests it make sure they test all sides, there have been cases of cubic zirconia being toped wiith real diamond so one sides tests as a diamond and the other doesn't.
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