How can you tell if a dog is going blind?


According to Cesar's Way, dogs who are starting to lose their vision are often clumsy when walking around the house, tripping or bumping into furniture that has been moved. Dogs who are starting to go blind also have a hard time finding things, such as their food bowls or their favorite toys and may become frightened more easily when someone goes to pet them.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), owners who have dogs with deteriorating vision should replace hand signals with verbal commands. For example, if owners traditionally direct their dogs to lie down by simply pointing at the ground, this motion can be replaced with a verbal command to lie down. Owners should also keep their house organized to eliminate objects a dog might trip over or bump into.

The ASPCA also recommends maintaining familiarity within a home is important to dogs that are visually impaired, as dogs learn the layout of their environments over time. For example, they remember the location of their food bowls and the couch. Owners should avoid changing the layout of the furniture so the dog can rely on memory. If pet owners rearrange things in the house, they should only change a few things at a time to give a sight-impaired dog time to adjust to the changes.

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