How Can You Tell If a Dog Is Going Blind?


Dogs are just like humans in that they can ailments. Sometimes, these ailments cause blindness. You can tell if a dog is going blind if their eyes go cloudy or do not follow you as quickly as before.
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If he/she starts running into things, DUH. im having problems with my dog as well, I've asked lots of people and they say that dogs can live with their sense of smell and hear. i
Have a vet examine your dogs eyes, he will be the only one who can
1. Watch the dog’s stance. An agitated dog will be up on all fours, legs straight and head uplifted and erect. Another attack stance is one crouched down as if the dog is about
It is usually cataracts. You may notice white flecks or cloudiness in your pet's eyes, or you may notice that your pet is squinting, rubbing its eyes, bumping into things, not playing
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