How Can You Tell If an Autograph Is Real or Stamped on a Baseball?


The best way to tell if an autograph is real or stamped on a baseball is to get a maginfin glass and take a close look at it. Usually there will be an indication of a rub like print on it. Also make sure you know the age of the baseball and remember real ink has a reflection in light, so put it in the light as well.
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1. Research the player to determine the approximate age of the baseball. For example, if you have a baseball signed by Thurman Munson, it's important to know that he died in 1979.
Stamped Signature Baseballs. With a stamped signature baseball the ink would be too consistent. When you sign your name, you use different angles, and pressure as you sign. This is
Other than getting it appraised by an
Sometimes you can see the thickness of the autograph signature by looking at the note from a horizontal direction. Also, if it shines or has a duller color than anything else on the
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