How Can You Tell If an Emerald Is Real?


Some things to take into consideration when looking at an emerald to determine if it was real you can look at a few things. If the price is too low it is probably not real. You can also look at the country of origin. If there are some small flaws or irregular patterns that are visible with a magnifying lens, this probably indicates a real emerald.
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You can do some tests to be able to tell that your emerald is real. You can put your emerald into a glass pot or jar with water. If there is green light radiating from it, then it is real. Also, try putting the emerald on your eyes. If you feel a cool feeling, it is real. A fake emerald will warm up. Also trying putting a drop of water on the emerald. If it maintains its shape, it is real. If the drop spreads, it is fake.
If you want to be 100% sure that your emerald is real, you will want to take it to a jeweler to confirm. You can try these tests at home. If you put a real emerald in a glass pot of water it will radiate green light. A fake emerald will not. A real emerald will feel cool when placed on your eye.
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1 Check the price on the jewelry or stone. If a very vivid or intense shade of green, very clean and brilliant luster (shine) is visible on an emerald which is being presented to
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the colour
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