How do you tell if ground beef has gone bad?


Ground beef that has gone bad has an unpleasant odor and a telltale grey-brown hue. When fresh, all raw red meats have a vibrant red-pink appearance and do not have a strong odor. Fresh ground beef also contains tiny flecks of white fat.

The odor of bad ground beef is cloying, sickeningly sweet and musty. When this smell is present, the beef is not safe for consumption by humans or animals and should be discarded immediately. If the meat has a grey cast but smells fresh, it is edible but must be cooked immediately.

Eating raw meat is dangerous because of the harmful bacteria it may contain. Meat that is on the verge of going bad should not be used for raw preparations, such as steak tartare. Well-done hamburgers, steaks and other dishes are better choices for this type of meat because the high cooking temperatures kill the bacteria.

To minimize the chances of purchasing meat that has already spoiled, shoppers should check its expiration date, note the color of the meat, and sniff the package for rancid odors. If the meat passes these tests, it is edible. Cooking beef on the day of purchase ensures maximum freshness and juicy flavor. According to Eat By Date, ground beef tolerates freezing for up to eight months and refrigeration for up to two days.

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1. Smell it. Any smell that is off, bad, or different from the normal smell, is an indication that it has gone off. The smell will usually be sour but any bad smell is a bad sign.
1. Look at the ground beef. Ground beef that had gone bad will have a slimy sheen across the top. Also, while some browning in the interior of the meat may occur on beef that is safe
It will start to stink n turn a different color. The different color is NOT a good indicator. Sometimes a store ground product is packed a little too tight. This will cause the inside
Spoiled meat will start to turn a brownish/greenish color, have an off-odor and be tacky to the touch. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 12:21PM EST. Source
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