How Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Smoking Weed?


You can tell if someone has been smoking weed by looking at them in the eyes. Their pupils will be dilated and they look dazed and confused.
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You can tell someone has been smoking marijuana by
Not medical advice. How to tell if a person is smoking pot: 1. Red or bloodshot eyes. 2. Unexplained sudden extreme hunger. 3. An apathetic
1. Be aware of sudden unusual rituals of washing clothes, hands and other things in your suspected housemate. Smokers know that the smoke odor lingers, so doing these things is a
the SIGNS are red eyes, dry mouth and smelling like weed
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There are a couple of ways that you can tell if someone is smoking weed or not. You will notice blood shot eyes, they will be hungry a lot, talk slower and will ...
The easiest way to tell if someone is smoking pot is to look at their eyes, they generally will be either half shut or red as a beet, some will also be very thirsty ...
It is usually easy to tell if someone smokes--they will smell like cigarettes. Some people do a good job of hiding the odor, but if you visit their homes or ride ...
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