How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Dying?


The warning signs that a dog is dying are: twitching, lack of coordination, incontinence, no interest in surrounding, excessive fatigue or excessive lethargy.
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1. Locate and examine the dog's stool. Rat poison bait or pellets are usually bright green in color. Dogs that consume rat poison will produce stools consisting of the same bright-colored
You should take your dog to the vet for periodic checkups to ensure a long and happy life span.
We do not have sufficient information to answer your question. Please take your dog to a vet immediately if it is ill.
1. Sit your dog beside you on a practice field. Have an assistant throw a favorite squeaky toy in front of the dog. Is the dog visibly excited by the thrown object? Do his eyes follow
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It is very hard to tell if a dog is dying. Normally a dog that is ready to die will stop eating and drinking. Have a serious conversation with your vet if you suspect there is something wrong with your dog. Most problems can be corrected.
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