How Can You Tell the Age of a Rabbit?


The age of a rabbit can be told by having a look at the condition of the teeth; older rabbits tend to have yellower or browner teeth than young rabbits, which have very white teeth, as can the claws. Besides, older rabbits tend to have tougher, scaly claws, whereas younger rabbits have smooth claws. The fur isn't much help, since even old rabbits don't usually get grey with age.
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How to Tell the Age of a Rabbit
Baby bunnies may start their lives in a child's Easter basket, but after growing larger, many rabbits are taken to animal shelters for adoption. If you end up giving a home to a surrendered bunny, you will no doubt wonder how old it is. Once a rabbit is... More »
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There's no scientific method that can determine the exact age of a rabbit. The only way to know exactly is if the rabbit had gotten spayed or neutered previously. If not, they can make an estimate by checking the eyes, body and teeth. You can find more information here:
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