How can you tell the diff. between a girl toad and a boy toad?


The answer to your question of How can you tell the difference between a girl toad and a boy toad is tap on the back of the toad lightly if it croaks it is a boy.
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1. Compare the toad to other toads. In most frog and toad species, the males are significantly smaller than the females. This is not definitive though. The smaller toads could also
It isn't easy to tell whether or not a toad is a male or female if you are not very familiar the species. In. species vary in sexual characteristics
I don't know if I'm right, but i'm pretty sure I am but if you see the toads chin or underneath near it's neck throbbing like a bubble going in and out it's a guy!
If you here the fire bellied toad squeak or sing than
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You actually can tell the gender of a toad by comparing its ear holes to its eyes. A boy toad has ear holes that are bigger than its eyes and a girl toad has ear ...
A female toad is larger than a male toad, also her skin is rougher, the male has much smoother skin. A male toads arms are thicker and look stronger than the females ...
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