How Can You Tell When a Plantain Is Ripe?


A plantain will ripen a lot slower than a banana. Plantains don't have as much moisture. When a plantain is ripe the peel will be black and very wrinkly.
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1. Look at the peel of the plantain. If a plantain is ripe it will appear dark brown, almost black in color. This is the best indicator that a plantain is ripe. 2. Check to see if
Its Ripe when it is yellow but not brown, but not at all green.
Plantains can be prepared at any stage of ripeness. They're
Here's a. Step-by-Step. guide to frying Ripe Plantains. 1. Fried Ripe Plantains. Aurora Michelle/Flickr. Fried Ripe Plantains. 2. Frying the Plantain. Photo by Cynthia Nelson. Drizzle
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How to Tell When a Plantain Is Ripe
Plantains have a starch-to-sugar ratio that favors cooking, and are often used in their tropical growing areas as potatoes are in colder climates. It can take plantains three to four weeks to fully ripen after harvesting, so greenish yellow plantains... More »
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