How Can You Tell When Someone Is Obsessed with You?


There are many ways you can tell when someone is obsessed with you. Many times someone who is obsessed will snoop through your cell phone for numbers, they may make calls to find out information about you and/or they constantly accuse you of things that you aren't doing.
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Just be blunt and honest with how you feel. A little cursing added might help get the point across too. If you can't do it face to face, call them on the phone, email or write a letter
A person who is obsessed by another person may follow that person everywhere they go or 'accidentally turn up' at the same places (an excuse. The obsessed person may text or phone
If you suspect someone is lying or would have a reason to lie, there's a good chance that they are. Trust your instincts, but remember not to hurt a friend by accusing him or her
1. Recall the beginning of your relationship. A person with an obsessive personality will often become attached very quickly to a prospective partner. He may assume the dynamics of
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As far as I know, when a mentally unstable or even a stable person is obsessed with someone else, they are a stalker. Being obsesses with someone else is really ...
When someone is obsessed about a person's violent behavior, This obsessive behavior is called Masochism. This is when the person gets pleasure with a combination ...
There is no real way to tell if someone is lying. However, sometimes people that don't lie well, may tend to scratch there head, or look the other way when talking ...
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