How Cardboard Is Made?


Cellulose is a fibre that is harvested from tree plantations and forests. It is used for making paper and card boards. One can visit the website for a detailed illustration on how cardboard is made.
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Cardboard is the stiff paper more than .006 inches thick. The Chinese invented cardboard, over 400 years ago. Cardboard is made by pasting layers of paper together or by pressing together layers of wet paper pulp. There are different types of cardboard: strawboard, bending board, news board or Bristol board. The name could be an indication of the materials that are used to produce the type of cardboard, or it may reflect a characteristic of that cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is considered a single wall similar to the cardboard created in the 1850's, because it has the wavy centre, with outer layers that are flat sheets. It is considered double walled if it has two additional sheets, one wavy and one flat, for extra strength. When making the cardboard, rolls of paper are inserted into a corrugation machine that bonds the layers together using glue. Corrugated cardboard is made from long and strong paper fibres and due to this fact; it can be recycled many times. Many recycling companies do not take cardboard that has been contaminated, for instance cardboard with grease stains from pizza. While people typically refers to the material used to make such items as cereal boxes, cardboard, many recyclers consider that to be paperboard, which is made of a lower quality paper and does not have the wavy or fluted centre element.
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Cardboard is made out of paper pulp which has been pressed or pasted sheets of paper. It is thick or stiff paper material, and it is used for making cartons or boxes and packaging
Types You may have fond memories of having a cardboard car as a child. A child can wear a cardboard car around his waist while he walks around. Cardboard cars can also be put down
Cardboard is made at factories.
Background Most items at your favorite supermarket, discount store, or shopping mall were safely delivered in boxes made of corrugated cardboard, and many are displayed in the same
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