How Close Can a Propane Tank Be to a House?


How close a propane tank can be to a house depends on its size. There is generally a ten-foot rule applied to the distance a tank can be from a house. These distances also vary in outdoor public domains like playgrounds.
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1. Rotate the valve on the top of the tank, with your hand, in a clockwise direction. 2. Apply firm counterclockwise force on the valve when it reaches the closed point. This assures
There was a propane tank explosion at my workplace recently and ATF, FBI and the Fire Marshall were all involved in investigating what happened. It is my understanding that next to
You can not answer that question without knowing more about the size of the hot water heater, the size of the stove and oven combo. How often the stove/oven is used, and how much
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If you have a propane tank from a grill, you should not store it in your house or even your garage. In fact, it may be illegal to do so. Instead, you can store ...
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