How Close Can You Park to a Fire Hydrant?


You should not park next to a fire hydrant or park in a way that obstructs access to one as this is an offence and you will be liable for prosecution under the Fire &Rescue Services Act Section 42. It is also illegal to damage or obtain water for any other purposes than fire fighting unless authorised by the Water Authority or the person to whom the hydrant belongs to.
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I can get within inches with a spotter guiding me. Embed Quote
15' in my state.
You cannot park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. There will be a
1. Take plenty of pictures of your unmoved car near the fire hydrant. Use either a cell phone that has a camera or a digital camera with an accurate date and time function to confirm
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The minimum parking distance from a fire hydrant varies by jurisdiction. A vehicle must usually be at least 10 to 15 away and may not block the hydrant. ...
The legal parking distance from a fire hydrant in NYC is 15 feet on either side of the hydrant. Parking distance from a fire hydrant is one of NYC's parking administrations ...
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