How Cold Can Ice Get?


Ice and most any matter can get close to absolute zero which is ?459.67 F. Exactly how close is not really known, but within a few degrees. It could be at least minus 453 F or so, but it is not easy to create that temperature on Earth even in a lab. You can find more information here:
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How cold ice can get would be dependent on the type of ice. If you are talking about dry ice it can get very cold. Ice actually does have a freezing point and it will measure the temperature once it is frozen of what the area is that it is in.
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Dry Ice is at or below 110 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Above this temperature it starts to sublimate. Which is a funny way to say that it changes from a solid straight into a gas
1. If parts of your feet have turned white and the skin is hard and inflexible, assume some level of frostbite and immediately go to a hospital or emergency room for help. If you
Ice water is 0 degees celcious.
( īs'kōld' ) adj. Extremely cold.
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