How Cold Is Outer Space?


Outer Space is essentially empty, meaning it has no molecules to move to create heat. Because of this, the relative temperature of outer space is just a few degrees above absolute zero.
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Because space is a vacuum, and has almost no matter, it is very difficult to store heat energy. There is, however, hydrogen and cosmic dust present, so there is a small amount of
The matter in outer space is actually very hot. What's between the matter gets cold because
Outer space is not cold. The matter in outer space is really very hot; there just isn't much of it. The average temperature falls around 10 Kelvin. Text us!
It has no temperature, as it takes an object, or air, to have a temp. An object in deep space will have a temperature depending on what radiation it receives from the sun. If it is
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Outer space is dark because it is lighted by numerous stars such as the sun but sometimes these stars die out. The universe is infinitely vast and it is expanding ...
Outer space is the void that exists between celestial bodies with the earth included. It consists of a hard vacuum that contains a low density of particles that ...
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