How Cold Is Outer Space?


Outer Space is essentially empty, meaning it has no molecules to move to create heat. Because of this, the relative temperature of outer space is just a few degrees above absolute zero.
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Much colder than any place on earth. If you think its cold in Alaska at -50 degrees Fahrenheit try -455 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the temperature of the background radiation left
In outer space, being in sunlight means you're at 248 degrees F. Being in the shade means you're at
An object in Space that is shaded from direct sunlight etc, not generating internal heat, and not heated by conduction through contact with any warm body will gradually approach equilibrium
1. Choose a location outdoors where lights are minimal. If you live within city limits, you may have to go to a more rural area just to see the stars in the sky. 2. Use the binoculars
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Outer space is dark because it is lighted by numerous stars such as the sun but sometimes these stars die out. The universe is infinitely vast and it is expanding ...
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