How Cold Is Pluto?


Pluto is Very cold. Pluto is so far away from the Sun that temperatures can drop down to 33 Kelvin, or -240 Celsius. The orbit of Pluto is highly elliptical, ranging from 4.4 billion km to 7.4 billion km away from the Sun. This lowest temperature of -240 C occurs when Pluto is at its furthest. At this point, Pluto is very cold
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Pluto's temperature varies, depending on its distance from the sun. This is because its orbit is highly elliptical. Temperature can drop to about -250 celsius. However, the average
The surface temperature of Pluto has been estimated in a range from -378 to -396
It can be as cold as -240 degrees Celsius on Pluto, and there is no chance there for life.
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During the day, Pluto's surface temperature is estimated to reach -369 degrees Fahrenheit (-223 degrees Celsius) ; at night, it is estimated to be -387 degrees Fahrenheit (-233 degrees Celsius). You can find more information here:
Wow, Pluto is one cold place it is -400 degrees Fahrenheit at its coolest and -360 degrees Fahrenheit at its warmest. I don't think there is any life on that planet.
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