How Cold Is Pluto?


Pluto is Very cold. Pluto is so far away from the Sun that temperatures can drop down to 33 Kelvin, or -240 Celsius. The orbit of Pluto is highly elliptical, ranging from 4.4 billion km to 7.4 billion km away from the Sun. This lowest temperature of -240 C occurs when Pluto is at its furthest. At this point, Pluto is very cold
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Pluto's temperature varies, depending on its distance from the sun. This is because its orbit is highly elliptical. Temperature can drop to about -250 celsius. However, the average
All planets have an elliptical orbit so distances change as the planets rotate around the Sun. The closest that Pluto and Earth could ever get to one another is 4.3 billion kilometers
The surface temperature of Pluto has been estimated in a range from -378 to -396 degrees F. ChaCha
It can be as cold as -240 degrees Celsius on Pluto, and there is no chance there for life.
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During the day, Pluto's surface temperature is estimated to reach -369 degrees Fahrenheit (-223 degrees Celsius) ; at night, it is estimated to be -387 degrees Fahrenheit (-233 degrees Celsius). You can find more information here:
Wow, Pluto is one cold place it is -400 degrees Fahrenheit at its coolest and -360 degrees Fahrenheit at its warmest. I don't think there is any life on that planet.
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