How Cold Is the Moon?


The temperature on the moon varies from -387 Fahrenheit (-233 Celsius), at night, to 253 Fahrenheit (123 Celsius) during the day. Because the moon has no atmosphere to block some of the sun's rays its temperature varies greatly between day and night.
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The minimum surface temperature on the moon is -280 degrees Fahrenheit.
Students will be naturally curious about just how cold it is in Antarctica. It's easy to give students at least a small taste of the frigid temperatures in the chilliest of continents
About three days.
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The moon is a very cold place because it does not have an atmosphere to hold any warmth in. The moon's temperature ranges between 25 degrees Celsius to 108 degrees Celsius.
The moon's climate is both hot and cold. The coldest temperature on the moon can reach a negative 173 degrees Celsius. When the sun is directly over the moon, the temperature is only 100 degrees Celsius. You can find more information here:
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