How Cold Should a Deep Freezer Be?


Any freezer, especially a deep freezer, should never be set at above -15 degrees C. If the freezer reaches temperatures greater than that ice cream will begin to soften and food won't keep as long. Even though -15 degrees C is the highest you want it to be, food will actually keep longer if it is kept even lower at about -23 degrees C.
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The USDA does not have a specific temperature set for freezer storage. Most food items will freeze at 20 degrees F but a temperature closer to 0 degrees F will allow food to last
Keeping the correct temperature in your freezer will help extend the shelf life of your food. Be sure to package and date your food before placing it in the freezer.
0 degrees.
A freezer should be right around 0 degrees F. Keep ChaCha'n!
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A deep freezer, or chest freezer, is a large external freezer to keep large amounts of food or large food items frozen without filling up your regular freezer. These freezer are usually colder than a traditional freezer, too. Negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit is an optimal temperature for a deep freezer. Upright freezers should be set at -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to follow the directions in your freezer manual on how to properly operate your appliance.
To keep food frozen and safe to eat, set your deep freezer should be set at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Food should be frozen solid when eat a deep freezer.
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Most reach-in freezers are designed to go down below 5 degrees. Most walk-in freezers are designed to get well below 0 degrees. The correct freezer temperature ...
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