How Common are Hermaphrodites?


Approximately one percent of live births have some form of sexual ambiguity. Between one tenth and two tenths are serious enough to require a specialists attention.
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Have you ever wondered how common Hermaphrodites actually are? Well, fortunately, this does not happen often at all. Sometimes, it is said that this phenomenon is actually caused by diseases that are spread.
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As far as humans are concerned, hermaphrodites occur in about one in 250,000
About one in 100 men are born with AIS, or Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. More or less, their genetic do not receive the testosterone and they are just like females. They go under
Extremely rare. Possible, but highly unlikely. Also it can be corrected when the person is a baby, as in altering the external sex organs to make them look female. And treat them
Intersexed babies in the United States are born with about the same frequency as red heads. It is estimated that intersexed may account for 4% of all births, or 40 out of every 1000
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