How Cotton Is Made into Fabric?


Cotton is obtained from the cotton plant; it is called cotton lint after being picked and still in its raw natural state. At the textile industries the cotton lint is cleaned by blowing and beating. It is then spun into thread and woven into fabric on a loom.
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Picked cotton must be turned into yarn before it can be woven into fabric. The cotton fibers, called lint, are sent to a textile mill's carding machine, which rearranges fibers into
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First, the cotton is spun into a fine thread. Threads are then wove...
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Cotton is made into fabric when bales of cotton which are mixed and fluffed-up are put into a carding machine which cleans the cotton fibers and makes them lie side by side. This usually makes the cotton fibers soft which is then placed in spinning devices which rotate to up to 2,500 revolutions in a second and twist the fibers into a yarn. Yarns are then placed into loom machines which work at great speeds, interlacing the length-wise yarns called warp and the crosswise yarns called filling to make a woven fabric.
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