How Deep and Wide Were the Trenches on the Western Front?


The trenches used in the Western Front were about 7 feet deep and 6 feet wide. The rear of the trench was made up of thick sand bags that were used to absorb shell pieces and bullets. The trenches ran for 700 kilometres and were dug in a zigzag manner.
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Trenches on the Western Front were about 7 ft deep and about 4 ft w...
Trenches were all along the front lines stretched across huge portions of Europe during World War 1. The most famous trench lines started along the North Sea coast near Nieuwpoort
Once the Schlieffen Plan had failed and the continuous trench lines constructed by the beginning of 1915, the front lines were established inside France and Belgium. The Germans wanted
So that the enemy's could not seem them and they were used 4 cover
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Armies utilised trenches to up the defense of their barracks. These trenches were 7 feet deep ( 2.1 metres) and 6 feet wide (1.8 metres). The front part of the ...
Trenches were built by digging holes that were seven feet deep by six feet wide. The front of the trench was referred to as the parapet. The layers of parapet ...
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