How deep are the canals of Venice, Italy?


It is 3,800 m long, 30–90 m wide, with an average depth of five meters (16.5 ft.). Venice is a city in the northeast Italy which is well-known for the beauty of its setting and it forms one of the main water-traffic strips in the city of Venice.
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Most canals in Venice, Italy are 4-5 meters wide and 2-3 meters deep.Canals
In most places, the canal is approximately 5 meters (16 feet) deep. Most buildings there are built between the 13th to the 18th centuries.
The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy is a little over two miles long. It is the main waterway in Venice. It also divides the historic center into two parts. Along this canal, you can
it is just the sea that has come over the city and has raised so the city is seting on it its not dirty or clean its just sea it's usualy as deep as150 feet to maybe few inches. Source
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