How Deep Do You Bury a Pet?


When burying a pet they do not need to be as deep as people do. But you need to be sure they are at least 2 feet deep. This will help to avoid erosion and moisture from making them come to the surface.
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The deeper you bury your pet the better. 3 or 4 feet is the least you want to bury it. It is best to check with your city to make sure it is legal.
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You can bury your animal as deep as you want it. There are no regulations as to how deep you must bury an animal. Humans are buried 6 feet deep, but most animals are only around 2
Pets are buried 4-5 feet deep, Thanks for asking ChaCha!
1. CHECK THE LEGALITY OF HOME PET BURIAL - You will need to begin by calling your city and checking that home pet burial is legal. If it is legal, continue to the next step. If it
my dogs were buried about 4 feet deep (house fire) sorry about your loss.
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