How Deep Is Lake Lloyd at Daytona?


Lake Lloyd was once 49 acres of land converted to a lake, now reduced to 22 acres. The lake was drilled to be 60 feet deep. This depth is achieved by water pumps, which is how the lake continues to keep its clean appearance.
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Lake Lloyd was created for the banking of the race track. That's also where they got the clay to build the track at Daytona Motor Speedway.
Once 44 acres and reduced down to 29 acres, In 2004,
Lake Lloyd was created when a hole was dug in the infield to use the dirt to build up the banking of the track. Because Florida has such a low elevation and high water table, the
The dirt that where the banking was going to be was too unstable, so the dug up the clay in the infield to use instead. Where they dug it up is where Lake Lloyd is.
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It filled with water naturally when dirt was dug up to put up the track's banking. ...
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