How Deep Is Telephone Pole Buried?


The average pole in the United States is buried six feet into the ground. The pole stands roughly another 34 feet above the ground. There are some poles that are over 100 foot in length, which would have be be buried a lot more than six foot deep.
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An average telephone pole is buried around 36 inches deep. The cable
As a rule of thumb two thirds of any pole are above ground and one third is below ground. Source(s): builder
It depends on what the purpose of the pole is. I believe the ones my parents built an elk fence with are buried 4 feet into the ground; and the temporary power poles I install are
Where do you live? They need to be under the frost line.
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The average height of a telephone pole is 30-35ft long but when installed, 1/3 of the pole is buried into the ground leaving approximately 10ft above the ground. ...
About 125 feet, 38 meters apart. The standard utility pole in the United States is about 40 feet long and buried about six feet into the ground. ...
Telephone Poles, at least the old wooden ones, come in three sizes... 30ft, 60ft, and 90ft. When one is installed, 1/3 of it is buried into the ground, so that ...
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