How Deep Is the Hudson River?


The Hudson River has different depths in different areas. Depending on where in the river you are, it can be as shallow as 32 feet and as deep as 200 feet.
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The depth of the Hudson River varies. It's deepest point is 216 feet. Find out more facts about the Hudson River at.
The Hudson River is 315 miles long . The deepest point is World's End near West Point which is 216 feet deep. It's widest point is at Haverstraw where it is three and one half miles
i heard it was 5200 ft
The Hudson River is fairly shallow over by Manhattan. !
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The Hudson River, which begins in upstate New York, flows all the way to the Atlantic, forming the ports of New York and New Jersey along the way. The deepest part of the river is near the West Point Military Academy, where it reaches 216 feet. The average depth of the river is about 12 feet.
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