How Deep Is the Hymen?


The hymn is located just over the vaginal opening. It contains a small hole for menstrual flow and can stretch for the use of tampons. It is considered to be the outer part of the genitalia.
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Hmmm not sure if it's vagina you mean and not hymen. Hymen is a skinfold located at the entrance of the vagina and it breaks when the vagina is penetrated. The depth of a vagina is
A girls hymen can be as deep as 4 inches.
A hymen isnt deep at all. the hymen is the extra skin that covers your vagina hole. girls have different hymens in shape texture and thickness. ^^ here click this link. the last response
it also can corrode away. it may have broken and might not have caused you any pain. i wouldnt worry. im sure you'd feel it as you insert your fingers. so it may be possible yours
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There is no depth to the hymen, it is just a thin layer of membrane that covers the opening to the vagina. Once the hymen is ruptured during intercourse the woman is no longer considered a virgin.
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