How Deep Is the Tennessee River?


According to the Tennessee Valley Authority the Tennessee River is 11-feet at its deepest point, and only two to three feet deep at it's most shallow point. The Tennessee River stretches a total of 652-miles, and houses nine dams that work to ensure that the river maintains its depth of 11-feet. This allows barges to safely transport goods along the river.
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The common depth is usually between 40 ft to 60 ft deep. In other areas, some depths are recorded up to 25 meters or 80 ft at maximum depth.
12 feet as its deepest point but 2 to 3 feet deep everywhere else.
The Tennessee River averages about 40-60 feet deep. The river runs 652 miles long! Ask us!
The Tennessee River is located in southeastern United States in the Tennessee valley. The river is approximately 652 miles long. The mouth of the river is in Kentucky.
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The depth of the Tennessee River depends on the specific location on the river. The average depth is between 40 and 60 feet. The deepest portion of the river is ...
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