How Deep Should a Fence Post Be?


How deep a fence post should be will depend on the type of fence post and the area you live in. Typically, a fence post needs to be deep enough to be just below the depth of the frost line.
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The basic rule for posthole depth is to dig a hole that is about one-third the overall length of the pole. This depth is adequate for fence posts that bear an ordinary amount of weight
You will want to have a tool called a "post hole digger" which will make the holes deep enough while keeping them nice and narrow for the fence posts. A length of string
The posts needs at least 2 feet, but if you are using concrete 18 inches is fine, the posts you have purchased are kind of short to hold the fence.
It depends on the type of fence that you are installing as well as the height and even the climate. A good rule would be 2-3 ft below the ground. For colder climates you want to make
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A fence post hole should be deep enough to sink about 1/3 of the post in the ground. This will make your post good and sturdy so your fence does not begin to move ...
You should plan on making sure that a fence post is buried at least 1/3 of the way deep. In other words, make sure that 1/3 of the total fence height is buried ...
Depending on your soil, I would make sure the fence post is at-least 18 inches deep to carry the weight of a 6 foot wide gate. You may even want to go deeper. ...
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