How Deep Should the Gravel Be for a Driveway?


The gravel for a driveway should not be more than 3 inches deep, if you go any deeper the tires on your vehicle could make ruts. It should be deep enough to cover the weed mat on your driveway. It is recommended that you put 2 inches of gravel for your driveway.
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Gravel is a good choice for driveways. A gravel drive should have a first layer of baseball-sized stones at least 4 inches deep. According to Tim Carter of, each
To build a gravel driveway, the first thing you'll need to do is level the entire spot. Then spread out a load of angular gravel that will lock itself into place. For more information
8 to 10' Wider in the corners.
1. Determine the amount of gravel and material that will be needed. There are 3 different levels of gravel will be required. The base level forms a solid foundation, and requires
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