How Deep to Bury Electrical Wire?


There are four main methods for burying electrical wire. At 6 inches deep, use a galvanized metal rigid electrical conduit. At 12 inches deep, use direct-bury UF-B cable. At 18 inches deep, use THWN-2 conductors inside PVC. At 24 inches deep, use UF-B cable, but use a conduit where it is exposed above ground.
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1. Install an electrical box at each end of the outdoor run. One box will go just inside the main building and the other will go on the inside of the outdoor structure (a lamp post
At voltages of 750 volts or less, in non vehicular areas, direct conductor bury is 24 inches. In vehicular areas the depth is 36 inches.
Depends on local codes. Our codes call for 12" in "thinwall, 18" in pvc and 24" with underground "romax"
Hi. It is best to check with your local inspector. Some places do not allow direct burial. The depth is usually 18 inches, but that can vary from place to place also. As far as
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How deep the electrical lines are buried will depend on if the lines are low or high voltage. The lower voltage of 120/240 will be buried under at 24 inches, while ...
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