How Deep to Bury Water Line?


Not all towns have rules about how deep to bury a water line. If a water line is buried too shallow, the pipes can freeze in the winter. This can cause major problems depending on where the pipe freezes. If you are putting in new pipes or having trouble with the old ones, you need to make sure they are buried deep enough for your area. When putting in a pipe, make sure you get the right type and size of pipe. Always put the pipe at least 2 feet deep into the ground. Not only is freezing a problem, but you do not want to find that pipe again when using sharp digging tools.
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It depends a lot on where you live. Here in Hillsboro Oregon, the frost line is between 12 and 18 inches. Generally I suggest you bury your main line between 18 and 24. A good rule
You shouldn't bury your dog less than two feet, and even deeper if possible to avoid scavengers. Each town has different laws about burying pets, so always contact your local city
There are two types of water pipes that you should bury. The water pipe from your city's main supply, called the house water supply pipe, and lawn sprinkler pipes. How far down you
You must bury water lines at least 18 inches deep in the Omaha, NE
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