How did Akbar die?


Akbar died as a result of depression. He was troubled because of his two sons. Both of his sons had alcohol addictions. He was a famous general in the Persian army.
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I find this an interesting question. I am personally not aware of any controversy surrounding Akbar's death, but Akbar is probably the only of the 6 great Mughals that I have not
Akbar (greatest ruler of the mughal dynasty) who started ruling at the age of 13 yrs along with his guarding bairam khan ruled for 50 yrs and then finally died on 27th October, 1605
Near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, he died of natural cause...
The exact cause of William Shakespeare's death is not known, but many historians believe that he fell victim to an outbreak of typhus that took England by storm in 1616. That is the
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