How did Albert Einstein impact the world?


Albert Einstein had a great impact to the world. His theories as a physicist are used by present scientists and physicists. His theory was also the basis for nuclear warheads.
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Albert Einstein made an impact on the world that may never be
On April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein died at the of age 76. He suffered a heart attack while admitted to the Princeton Hospital in New Jersey. Albert Einstein was a genius and a famous
First, Al did not make the atomic bomb. But he did send an impassioned letter to FDR encouraging him to make the bomb because the Nazis were probably making one. [See source. Second
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Albert Einstein is famous for being the father of modern physics. We now know that Einstein was brilliant and was probably just bored in school, but when he was ...
Albert Einstein died due to heart failure in 1955, in Princeton, New Jersey. He was known for being the most famous scientist in the world. ...
Albert Einstein invented a formula for mass. He was able to create the equation E=MC2. In a nutshell Einstein proved matter and energy can turn into one another. ...
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