How did Alexander the Great impact world history?


Alexander the Great impact world history because he spreads western culture and philosophy in many parts of the world. He is also known for fighting and winning over different types of warfare. Alexander the Great has conquered many areas such as present day Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Eqypt.
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Not only did he make medicine but he also: *was educated by Aristotle. *his troops were Loyal. *he wanted to conquer the world. *he conquered the Persian Empire. *he led his army
He spread Greek culture throughout the known world at the time. Without his empire, we would probably have more "Eastern Ideas" as our traditions instead of the Greek ones
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Alexander the Great's impact on world as one of the famous military leader of all time. He demonstrated energetic leadership and skillful plan of action on war ...
King Alexander was known as Alexander the Great because he was successful in conquering more than half of the world. Alexander was an ingenious military leader ...
It appears that all great men are capable of dark things. As a history fanatic, I can tell you that Alexander the Great ordered the murders of those who stood ...
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